Welcome to La Découverte!

La Découverte is a bilingual French-English school offering its pupils an active learning environment. Based in Geneva and Mies, it is open to all children aged 3 to 12.

About us

The school was founded, out of the ideas formed by a group of parents who were focused on the quality of their child’s education.

The school was founded in the early 90’s, by a group of teachers, specialists in education, psychologists and parents. Their wish: to implement a teaching method that makes children active in their learning and enables them to search for answers and solutions on their own.


La Découverte offers a personalised and family learning environment, using active teaching methods. Over thirty years, the number of children in La Découverte private school has grown from 13 to 340 pupils, highlighting the growing demand for a different way of teaching.

Our approach

La Découverte proposes a different way of learning, by placing personal development and the freedom to act and think at the heart of its educational practices.

Self-confidence is strengthened to enable children to question, inform themselves and explore the world in complete safety. Collaboration and socio-emotional skills are developed to create responsible and empathetic children.


Projects based on children’s interests deepen their passions and are a real source of motivation for learning.


A bilingual immersion environment is set up to help students learn to express themselves, read and write clearly and confidently in French and English.


The aim is to succeed well academically while developing a love of learning.

A day at school

Here is a typical day at La Découverte school

Welcome, class time, lunch and extra-curricular activities: here’s an overview of the different moments at La Découverte.

Extra-curricular activities and after school care

Every day after school and on Wednesdays, children can take part in after school care or optional activities known as “Extras”. These extra-curricular sports, arts and games activities are organised throughout the school year.


Children from outside the school are welcome.


After School Care

Holiday camps

During the school holidays, throughout the year and during the summer, our team offers sports, creative and cultural activity camps for your children.


They offer a fun and safe environment where children can develop new skills, make new friends and have fun.


Summer camps are also open to children from outside the school.


Would you like to register your child at our school?

Start by completing the online form to put your child on our waiting list, free of charge. You are also invited to our collective visits, which take place twice a year.

In case of availability, we will then arrange a meeting with the Head teacher and a visit of the school.

Sign up for collective visits

We are delighted to welcome you to our school and show you our pedadogy.


During our collective visits, you will have discover our campuses, meet the school leadership, our teachers and  see our pedagogy in action. To register for these visits, simply complete the form below.


We look forward to seeing you soon.