Tchoukball from 2P

Extracurricular activity

Tchoukball from 2P

For 5-7 year olds:

Discovering movement in all its forms with tchoukball

The desire and need for movement is obviously already present in the youngest children and toddlers. Our activities offer children the opportunity to enjoy themselves while accompanying and encouraging them in their discovery of movement in all its forms: running, jumping, crawling, throwing, finding their bearings, reacting, finding their balance, playing with a ball, learning to manage a community activity and starting to play tchoukball! We use our beautiful indoor or outdoor “play area”, several types of ball, tchoukball frames and different stations to offer sports activities that are well adapted to the age of each child and provide them with exciting and refreshing moments.


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For 8-11 year olds:

Have fun, play tchoukball!

Tchoukball was created in Geneva over 50 years ago, and the many advantages of this team sport are exciting. Increasing numbers of children, parents and sports become enthusiasts on all 5 continents every day!

We run, we play, we pass, we jump and we shoot the ball into the “tchoukball frame” (inclined trampoline) so that the other team can’t catch it.

Very simple for beginners, tchoukball then becomes an intense and tactical game where fun and sporting values always take centre stage.

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TUESDAY from 4pm to 5pm


Coordinator: Daniel Buschbeck, President of the Geneva Cantonal Tchoukball Association