"Extras" in Mies

At La Découverte, we believe that extra-curricular activities play an important role in children’s overall development. That’s why we offer a variety of exciting after-school activities to help children develop their interests, talents and confidence.

Our Extras are led by experienced and passionate professionals who work with children to help them achieve their goals and explore new opportunities.

Each activity is designed to be fun, challenging and rewarding.


From 1P 

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines combat, dance, song and acrobatics to traditional Brazilian rhythms.


MONDAY 4pm – 5pm / 5pm – 6pm


From 1P to 8P

Enter the fantastic and colourful world of Art!


MONDAY 4pm – 5pm / 5pm – 6pm


From 2P to 8P 

Robotics is a fun and stimulating way of learning new concepts and skills in technology.


TUESDAY 4pm – 5pm / 5pm – 6pm


From 2P to 8P 

For children, sufficient movement is essential. If your child has already been won over by the game, he or she can start learning the basics so as to be able to handle the ball skilfully and score goals.


TUESDAY 4pm – 5pm / 5pm – 6pm

Sport DEC

From 1P to 4P

Learn different motor skills through sport.


WEDNESDAY 9am – 12pm

Music / Movement and board games

From 1P to 6P

A Wednesday afternoon extra to immerse yourself in the world of music and develop creativity, self-confidence, listening skills and emotional management!


WEDNESDAY 1.30pm – 4pm


From 1P 

Learn to give free rein to your imagination and creativity, while learning various ceramic techniques.


THURSDAY 4pm – 5pm / 5pm – 6pm


From 1P

Our program is designed to introduce the children to this martial art, teaching, among other skills, attention, concentration and gross motor coordination.


FRIDAY 4pm – 5pm / 5pm – 6pm


From 1P 

Would you like to learn how to play chess? This course will teach you the rules of the best-known strategy game.


FRIDAY 4pm – 5pm / 5pm – 6pm